Pinkcity Transocean INC is a Single Window Solution for all Logistics needs of our customers. Fulfil your container shipping requirements with Pinkcity Transocean INC and get instant shipping quote for your ocean freight.

The Platform provides best freight charges for international shipping as well as multiple secure payment options for container booking along with advanced container tracking.

"A suite of services and products for the world of logistics & trade"

In a continuously moving world with a growing population, the need for smarter trade is more important than ever before. Pinkcity Transocean INC (PCTI) created our service based on over 25 years of experience in logistics to solve challenges in the supply chain that create inefficiency and slow down trade. PCTI provides solutions that support shippers with tracking to ports around the world. It also helps nations manage their operations or regulatory logistics needs.

If there is an issue you need to solve, we're ready to hear from you. Together, we can make trade better.

PCTI purpose the never – ending goal to be the go-to solution(s) that any facet of logistics or trade can approach to solve their business challenges

PCTI is a business focused on logistics services and products to enable and forever enhance our passion of end-to-end logistics and trade.